Meetings, Agendas and Minutes - North Cadbury and Yarlington Parish Council

One Parish Council serves two civil parishes - North Cadbury (which incorporates Galhampton and Woolston) and Yarlington.

The Parish Council meets every fourth Wednesday of the month as a general rule, with the exception of August and December, in one of the three village halls at 7.00pm.  Notices of meetings are posted on the Parish Noticeboards and on this website.  In addition Annual Parish Meetings are held in North Cadbury and Yarlington.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend Parish Council meetings and are permitted to raise any matters relevant to the parishes early in each meeting so that they do not have to stay for the whole meeting unless they wish to do so.  Officially members of the public do not join in discussions on agenda items but the Chairman is often sympathetic when someone wishes to make a contribution to the debate, especially when they have special knowledge.






11/05/2021 On Site Planning Meeting Agenda

05/05/2021 Yarlington Annual Parish Meeting (Virtual) Agenda

05/05/2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting (Virtual) Agenda

05/05/2021 On line Agenda

14/04/2021 North Cadbury Annual Parish Meeting (Virtual) Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

14/04/2021 Cancelled due to National Period of Mourning Agenda

24/03/2021 On line Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)Attachment 1 - ROW Report Mar 21

24/02/2021 On line Agenda MinutesAttachment 1 Highways Report Feb 21, Attachment 2 ROW Report Feb 21

27/01/2021 On line Agenda MinutesAttachment 1 - Highways Report Jan 21, Attachment 2 - ROW Report Jan 21, Attachment 3 - Precept Calculation 2021/22, Attachment 4 - Supporting Notes Precept 2021/22

08/12/2020 On Site Planning Meetings Agenda The Grange, Cary Road, North Cadbury, Land at Sandbrook Lane, Galhampton

25/11/2020 On line Agenda MinutesAttachment 1 - Site Appraisal Down Ash Farm, Attachment 2 - Highways Report Nov 20, Attachment 3 - ROW Report Nov 20

28/10/2020 On line Agenda MinutesAttachment 1 - Clare Field Indicative Site Layout, Attachment 2 - Clare Field Indicative Designs, Attachment 3 - ROW Report, Attachment 4 - Highways Report

22/09/2020 On line Agenda Minutes

08/09/2020 On Site Planning Meeting Agenda Minutes

22/07/2020 On line Agenda Minutes

14/07/2020 On Site Planning Meetings Agenda King Aruthurs Park, Sparkford, Avalon Farm, Galhampton Hill, Marylands Farm, Galhampton, 5 Mitchells Row, Brookhamton

24/06/2020 On line Agenda Minutes

27/05/2020 On-line Agenda Minutes

22/04/2020 On-line Agenda Minutes

25/03/2020 Meeting moved to 22 Apr due to Coronavirus

26/02/2020 Agenda Minutes

22/01/2020 Agenda Minutes

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